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My goal is to help you fall madly in love with your body and your entire life.

I'm here to call you back to your true nature - happy, healthy, abundant and free.

I discovered early in life that society and Spirit spoke in two very different languages, and had two very different messages for me. Growing up surrounded by the barrage of social pressures everywhere I turned, the loving messages of Spirit became harder to hear.

I heard only what society wanted from me: Look supermodel pretty, but not too sexy or they'll call you a slut. Be good, be quiet, and don't ruffle any feathers.  Definitely don't make a scene. Definitely don't get pissed off and do something about it … Essentially, be seen (as a pretty girl), but not heard (or felt or truly understood).

I self-medicated to drown it all out. Unfortunately that did nothing but burry it all deeper inside of me, masked by an empty smile.  I hurt my body deeply. I hurt myself over and over again.

(Sound familiar? See, the thing is, we all do this to one extent or another. I have realized that this is our common struggle. You are not alone.)

But the whispers of Spirit never left me or any of us. Their loving messages have always been there, although hard to hear. And every now and then I would break down enough that these whispers would get through the cracks in the armor to my heart. And I would feel their messages of love.

You do not need to be pretty, you are and always have been beautiful.  You do not need anyone's approval, you are completely loved just as you are, for who you are. Your body is your sacred temple. You are a powerful creator. You are free.

I felt little tugs at my heart. Dance…sing…pray…laugh. I began to get to know my body. I allowed myself to feel the complexity within me. I learned to let the waves of energy ripple out and move me.  I learned to express my feelings and emotions.  I realized that my body is my friend and constant companion that will guide me in every moment, and will love me as much as I love it.  

I healed my body of a debilitating disease.  I developed an intimate, passionate relationship with my body and I now support myself to grow and flourish with the same love that I give my own child and loved ones.

I've spent the last half of my life unraveling the mental and emotional programming that I absorbed during the first half of my life. It has been a journey of awakening who I truly am, from the inside out.

I am here to support you to do the same. You are a beautiful, powerful, gifted, radiant being with so much to share. You are here for a very special reason that only you can fulfill, and the world needs what only you have to offer. Its time.

Professional Bio

Dayna Seraye, CLP is a teacher, artist, priestess and facilitator of transformational experience based in Boulder, CO. Dayna works with individuals and groups to access and clear emotional blockages and limiting beliefs from the subconscious (aka social programming), that are at the root of physical and emotional challenges. Using the Lifeline Technique™, the Hakomi Method of Somatic Psychotherapy, Yoga, Coaching and intuition, Dayna offers tools to help people heal from the inside out. She adores her 9 year old son, their shaggy puppy, spontaneous dance parties, and all things green.

Dayna works with individuals who experience:

  • Patterns of dis-ease
  • Stressful experiences or memories
  • Relationship problems
  • Addictions
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Physical symptoms
  • Illness
  • Patterns keeping you from succeeding in your work or life.
  • And much more…